TUTTLE, Oklahoma –
A sooner fan from Tuttle is a Christmas light fanatic, and his light display is generating state wide attention ahead of the Orange bowl.  

The song that draws thousand of Oklahomans together every Saturday, is now pulling fans from all across the state to River Ridge Lane in Tuttle. 

“You can hear the volume elevated when the song comes on There are people dancing out of the sun roof and yelling Boomer Sooner,” said Chris Foster. 

Every twinkling light on their display proves that Foster and his family are Sooner born and Sooner bread. 

Foster and his wife played in the Pride of Oklahoma. In fact, the particular music they play, is a recording from their time in the band. 

Foster 8 thousand lights are a beacon of hope to sooner fans across the nation, ahead of Saturday’s big game against the University of Alabama. 

“If we can get some stops, maybe some turnovers…maybe we could have a real shot,” he said. 

His home is draped in all of Oklahoma’s previous national titles. And while others will soon be pulling down all of their lights, Foster hopes to keep his up, celebrating a Sooner victory. 

“I hope they stay up for a long time. I hope they stay up way past this weekend,” he said.