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Kent Bush: Songs of Christmas bring different feelings – News – The Shawnee News-Star

Christmas is finally here and everyone is getting into the spirit. 

You no longer have to worry about celebrating too early and making your co-workers mad. You can probably buy Valentine’s Day items in Wal-Mart now. 

Some Christmas traditions are better than others. Some Christmas songs are much better than others.

Let’s talk about some of these songs.

I have a soft spot for “Little Drummer Boy” because it is a good song. But the premise of a drum solo for a baby isn’t the best idea ever. Don’t give that gift to any of your family members who bring young children to this year’s dinner. 

“What a cute baby! Check out this new cadence I’ve been working on,” isn’t something any new mother wants to hear at Christmas.

A judge recently sentenced a convicted poacher to watch “Bambi” once a month. That seems rough. If I kill someone and get caught, the best way to punish me is to make me listen to “The Christmas Shoes” over and over. 

That’s a sentence worse than death.

I would argue “Heaven’s love” and “what Christmas is all about” are not best revealed by an impoverished little boy buying new shoes for his dying mother. Theologically speaking, she won’t be wearing those shoes “when she meets Jesus tonight” anyway. You’re wasting your cash. 

Practically speaking, what little boy knows what size shoe his mother wears? And who let a little kid walk from the hospital to some shoe store across town? 

Also, his father tells him there isn’t much time, because his mother had been sick for a while. 

How did that go? “Merry Christmas my ragamuffin son, your mom is getting ready to die.” That’s a great Christmas memory dad and son will always cherish.

Instead of keeping the family together in her room as her death draws near, he let the young boy run out to the shoe store. Sure, that’s plausible. 

Some stranger who was also making the dubious choice of buying shoes for Christmas presents gave the kid $50 bucks for shoes for his dying mom. It was a nice gesture, I guess. But if you really want to help the kid out, give him a ride back to the doggone hospital and buy his family dinner with that cash.

Maybe call DHS while you are at it and make sure the kid is in a safe and suitable environment.

Another song that has become a popular target for scorn is “Mary, Did You Know?”

Snarky listeners argue that Luke Chapter 1 shows us that Mary did in fact know. That’s true to a point. The angel told Mary her child would be the Son of God. 

That doesn’t necessarily tell us that she fully understood every aspect of Jesus’ future life and ministry. Would He walk on water? How would she have known? Give sight to a blind man, calm the storm with his hand, and other miracles were mentioned in the song and not mentioned by the angel who greeted her. 

That’s like saying someone knew the Oklahoma Sooners would be in the National Championship playoff this year. Fine, but did you know they would lose to Texas, fire Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops, beat Oklahoma State by one point, and win a rematch with Texas to make it? 

Those aren’t insignificant details for the Sooners’ season. The miracles mentioned in the song aren’t to be overlooked either.

Is it a sappy song? Sure. There are a lot of sappy songs.

Some songs deserve the ridicule they receive. Others are unfairly mocked.

At least it gives families something to argue about other than politics after Christmas dinner.

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