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Oklahoma Sooners

Why the College Football Playoff committee picked the Sooners

Georgia had the strength of schedule, having played an SEC slate that featured wins over No. 10 Florida, No. 14 Kentucky and No. 23 Missouri. But the Bulldogs were beaten badly by LSU, 36-16, and fell to Alabama in the SEC title game Saturday, 35-28.

Ohio State had the marquee win of the three, blowing the doors off No. 7 Michigan 62-39. The Buckeyes, though, were blown out 49-20 by Purdue, and their inconsistent play in other games hurt them in the eyes of the committee.

Oklahoma’s lone loss coming in close fashion, 48-45, to Texas on Oct. 6 and the Sooners making up that defeat with Saturday’s win over the Longhorns for the title put OU over the top.

Mullens said the meetings were as contentious as he’s seen during his time on the committee, though Hancock also noted that it remained professional even when there were disagreements — and there were plenty of those.

Their discussions went on until around 1:30 Sunday morning and after a short break of less than six hours for sleep, the committee hashed things out until only about 30 minutes before the start of the announcement show at 11 a.m. Sunday.

“That’s the beauty of this setup, right? You have 13 diverse backgrounds with a different set of experiences and a different set of opinions,” Mullens said. “And when you can get those 13 passionate experts in a room with a system that supports rigorous, candid debate, you get the best results.”

Sunday, that meant Oklahoma in the playoffs while Georgia and Ohio State are left on the outside.

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