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What it’s like being a Tide fan in Sooner land

Chris only became a bigger fan as time went on, and when he met Amee in 2005, he had to make sure she would join in. Even though she grew up in Norman and her family has been Sooner fans for generations, she never cared all that much. But the longer she was with Chris, the more interest she had in Alabama.

When Amee got to know the names of the players, Chris knew she was a keeper.

The couple moved to Oklahoma more than a decade ago to be closer to Amee’s family, and while they have a few friends who are also Alabama fans, they are always excited to see someone in Crimson Tide gear.

The other day, they noticed a car in the Walgreen’s parking lot.

“He drove around like a crazy person,” Amee said of Chris, “rolled down the window and screamed, ‘Roll Tide!'”

Rod and Lorie Costner are always on the lookout for other Alabama fans, too. Living in Oklahoma since 1995, the Edmond couple has found a few. But most of their co-workers, neighbors and friends cheer for other teams on Saturdays in the fall.

Not that they mind since they don’t really do watch parties. They prefer being at home where the distractions are minimal.

Even though Rod has been a Crimson Tide fan all his life — he moved around a lot but spent much of his childhood in Alabama — and Lorie didn’t become a die-hard until she was college-age, she gets much more emotional on game days.

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