TULSA, Oklahoma –
A former Sooner Football player and Tulsa Youth Pastor will be watching the College Football Playoff a little bit differently this year.

ESPN selected a fan from each of the four playoff teams to live on a California billboard. Ruben Hunter may not be on the field playing Alabama on Saturday, but he will still be competing in crimson and cream.

A quick 20 second video cheering for his Sooners has turned into fame for Life Church Youth Pastor Ruben Hunter.

“About two weeks ago my boss Tommy Dawson at the church, he sent me an email and it was like be OU’s most adventurous fan, you should apply for this,” said Hunter.

Later he found out he was applying to live 45-feet in the air in California. He’d be living with a Notre Dame fan, a Clemson fan and an Alabama fan.

“They told me I am going to be living on a billboard in San Jose, California, definitely not something I’ve ever done before,” said Hunter.

ESPN chose Ruben out of more than 700 applicants. But Ruben adds a different perspective to the group because he used to play for the Sooners. Ruben was a walk-on linebacker for the Sooners until 2017 and says playing Bama is extra sweet

“I’ve been studying all of my stats, so I can talk back to Alabama because the last time we played Alabama was 2014 and we beat them. I was a part of that. OU we love being the underdog so let’s bring it,” said Hunter.

The four fans will live on the billboard until their team loses. They each get their own private tent, sleeping bag and food and will compete in challenges for prizes. Ruben says he’s looking forward to the unique experience and enjoying the game without pads on.

“Whenever you are on the team it’s not a game, it’s real life, it’s almost a business so being a little bit removed from it, I think I am going to have some fun with it,” said Hunter.

Ruben and the three other fans will meet up on the billboard in San Jose on December 27th.