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Oklahoma Sooners

Tre Norwood remaining at safety for Sooners

“We’re not gonna pull a trick out of our hat on Saturday,” Perkins said. “We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna play football.”

Perkins said he benefited from the mid-season defensive coordinator change when Ruffin McNeill replaced Mike Stoops.

“I’m way more comfortable,” Perkins said. “Coach Ruff, he simplified the playbook for us so we could play faster. So I’m way more comfortable. I don’t have to do as much thinking as early in the season. I feel way better.”

As one of the younger players on the defense, Perkins had a message for Sooners fans frustrated by what’s happened on his side of the ball this season.

“My years to come, it won’t be like this for much longer,” Perkins said. “We’re gonna be better. I promise you that.”

Defensive improvement starts with getting best 11 on the field

Late in the season, Oklahoma’s defense showed some marginal improvement and a big reason for that was Caleb Kelly‘s re-entering the lineup after a move back to strongside linebacker after spending most of the season as a backup to Curtis Bolton on the weakside.

Kelly said the late-season success gave the Sooners positive momentum and that he expected an even better performance Saturday.

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