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TCU’s Patterson: OU deserves CFP berth if it wins Big 12

TCU coach Gary Patterson didn’t have to think about it long.

If Oklahoma beats Texas for the Big 12 championship next Saturday at AT&T Stadium, OU deserves to be in the College Football Playoff.

The Sooners would be 11-1 with their only loss being a 48-45 shootout against the Longhorns in October. That, in Patterson’s mind, is a better resume than other one-loss contenders such as Ohio State.

Patterson has faced Ohio State and Oklahoma this season. TCU fell to Ohio State, 40-28, in Week 3, and were rolled by Oklahoma 52-27 last month.

TCU lost twice to Oklahoma last season, including in the Big 12 title game, and Patterson left little doubt that OU would get the edge over Ohio State, dispelling the rumor that OU is not a “complete team” because of its suspect defense.

“This thing I hear about, ‘Well, you’ve got to be a complete team.’ No you don’t,” Patterson said. “You just have to have one side of the ball that’s better than anything anybody else can do. All these people out there who have all those opinions about that they need to go try to come defend them.

“Texas is going to get an opportunity again this next Saturday. I can just tell you guys right now: I don’t want to. Last year I had to play them twice last year with Baker [Mayfield]. I would not want to play them twice with Kyler [Murray]. Telling you right now. It’s recess. And it’s full blast.”

Asked specifically whether OU deserved a playoff spot if it beat Texas, Patterson said: “Everybody else has one loss, right? Georgia had a good defense last year and Oklahoma was up 31-0 [in the CFP semifinal matchup]. And Georgia had a good football team. All I’m saying is, I’m a coach, I just watch. I played Ohio State. I saw what they did to Michigan today. I’m telling you, I played both. I know who I would rather play again. And who I wouldn’t.”

As stated, Patterson would rather see Ohio State than Oklahoma.

After a brief pause, though, Patterson added: “They’re both good football teams. Just so now my Twitter feed can’t get hammered all night.”

“I get to vote tonight [in the coaches poll], so you’ll get a chance to see how I did it anyway. Then you can all pound on me again. But guess what? I don’t care. How about that?”

Patterson broached the subject when talking about the NFL’s primetime matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams generating so much buzz because of the offensive output last Monday.

The Big 12 is known for its offenses, of course, and Patterson ranks among the top defensive minds in the country in slowing them down. But it isn’t easy, as he said multiple times.

“Everybody needs to come and play in this league and see how this all goes down,” Patterson said. “It’s probably shortened my lifespan. That doesn’t mean I’m retiring right now. You guys all get that … OK?”

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