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OU ranks second in all-time Heisman voting

Two years ago, I researched some Heisman Trophy voting. I wanted to see where OU ranked in all-time Heisman voting, not based just on winners, but in overall voting.

My theory is this. Yes, it’s cool if you’ve got five Heisman winners. It’s even more impressive if you’ve got five Heisman winners, and a bunch of Heisman runnerups, and a load of Heisman third-place finishers. I mean, actually winning the trophy doesn’t automatically mean more program success – at least not this side of recruiting – than having a Heisman contender.

So I devised a formula. I gave 15 points to a school for a Heisman winner, 12 points for second place, 10 points for third, eight for fourth, six for fifth, five for sixth, four for seventh, three for eighth, two for ninth and one for 10th. That way, I was rewarding teams for having really good players all the way down the line, but really rewarding the top vote-getters.

I had no idea where OU would rank, other than high. I figured the Sooners might be in the top four, along with Notre Dame, Southern Cal and Ohio State.

Sure enough, the Sooners ranked high – Notre Dame had a healthy lead, followed by OU, a nose ahead of Ohio State, with USC fourth.

That was two Baker Mayfield-trips-to-New-York ago. So I have updated the numbers. And the Sooners are closing in on Notre Dame’s lead.

The Fighting Irish still lead the list with 346-1/2 points, but OU is up to second with 281. And Kyler Murray figures to get the Sooners even closer Saturday night. Ohio State is third with 247 points, followed by USC with 226 and Michigan with 183.

That’s your top five.

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