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OU Football: Does Lincoln Riley feel obligated to listen to NFL offers? His three reasons why the answer is no | OU Sports Extra

Lincoln Riley’s name continues to emerge when NFL head coaching jobs open up.

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While Riley was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show  on Monday morning, he was asked this question: Do you have an obligation to yourself, to your wife and to your family to at least listen to offers if the NFL calls?

“No. If I didn’t have a job that I thought was a long-term deal, that we could win and be very successful at, that is absolutely a destination coaching job, one of the best coaching jobs in the world regardless of sport, I would maybe have a different answer,” Riley told Patrick. “But I’m extremely fortunate that I’m at a place like that right now. Absolutely I don’t have that obligation.”

Patrick also asked for his favorite NFL team while growing up in Muleshoe, Texas.

“I would have to say the Cowboys,” Riley said. “Just growing up in Texas … growing up I was a big Troy Aikman fan and kind of got to grow up through some of the glory days there. I would have a hard time saying it wasn’t those guys.”

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