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Oklahoma “has all the ingredients” to beat Alabama

There has been much made about Oklahoma’s College Football Playoff chances. Some say they don’t deserve a spot in the playoff due to a shaky defense. Others argue that their explosive offense would throw a wrench into things.

As the debate rages on about Oklahoma’s playoff resume, the Sooners were defended by an unlikely source in the media. On Tuesday’s edition of his radio show, Colin Cowherd made the case for Oklahoma to be in the playoff. While other teams may technically be more deserving, Cowherd doesn’t believe those teams have any shot to beat No. 1 Alabama. However, Oklahoma’s offense could give the Crimson Tide fits.

“Who is the team that Nick Saban is going to look at and go, ‘Oh boy’? It’s Oklahoma,” Cowherd declared. “Oklahoma has all the ingredients that give Nick Saban a little worse night’s sleep. They’ve got a mobile quarterback. Nick Saban has struggled with mobile quarterbacks. They’ve got NFL receivers, backs, and offensive linemen. Nick Saban would put in that tape of Oklahoma and the first couple of nights go, ‘We’ve gotta play clean.’ I don’t care about your deserving. Michigan may be more deserving. Michigan has no chance to beat Alabama… If you want to go deserving, somebody’s going to get beat by 40. Georgia and Oklahoma are the only teams that could get into that No. 4 spot that could make Bama work for it. They’d be disruptive.”

Cowherd went on to say that Georgia shouldn’t ultimately end up in the No. 4 spot if they lose to Alabama in the conference title game because they would have already gotten one crack at the Tide. That would leave the Sooners as the only team Cowherd would slot in at No. 4. With the way the committee currently has things, Oklahoma would also have to leapfrog Michigan, who sits at No. 4.

The two biggest obstacles to Oklahoma’s bid to get into the playoff are it’s 80th ranked defense and a trip to West Virginia on Nov. 23. The Sooners are currently giving up 416.0 yards per game on defense. Kyler Murray has helped erase a lackluster defense for most of the season, but Oklahoma hasn’t had many convincing wins because of it. The Mountaineers are No. 9 in the country right now, and they could take advantage of a weak defense. Should that happen, Oklahoma could pick up a second loss and be eliminated from playoff contention.

Cowherd hasn’t exactly won the hearts of Oklahoma fans in the past year or two. The radio host has been unabashed in his criticism of Baker Mayfield. Cowherd has famously blasted Mayfield for some of his on-field antics, whether perceived or real, and for some off-field trouble he’s gotten into. No matter how he feels about Mayfield, Cowherd is coming to the aid of the Sooners this season.

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