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Lincoln Riley supports expanded playoff

College Football Playoff expansion talk has heated up, probably pointlessly, as I wrote about in the Friday Oklahoman. You can read that column here.

But count Lincoln Riley as a supporter of expansion.   

Riley on Thursday joined Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s Sirius XM show, “Basketball and Beyond with Coach K.” I know, I know, sounds like insufferable radio, listening to Krzyzewski. But maybe some football talk made it bearable.

Anyway, Coach K asked Riley about expanding the playoff from four to eight teams.

“I think everybody would like to see more,” Riley said. “I think that’s pretty universal. I think the bigger question in our game becomes how do you do it?

“Sure, I think everybody else would love to see a few more teams with a chance. I do especially think it is tough – and we’ve been, you know, two of the last three years it’s worked out for us, we did have a year in 2016 where we were our conference champions but didn’t get in the playoff. I would like to see every major conference champion in.”

Krzyzewski agreed with Riley – “That’s what I’d like to see, yeah.” – before Riley continued to make his case.

“I don’t understand how you can win your conference and, you know, everybody plays different people, has different thoughts on how you schedule out of your conference,” Riley said. “I don’t love that part of it. But I don’t know that I can sit here and have all the answers on how you fix it, either. And so it is good right now, but I think in time everybody would like to see it potentially expand and give a few more teams, especially all of the major conference champions, an opportunity.”

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