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Hall of Fame Coach Frank Beamer visits WDBJ7 studios

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Hall of Fame Coach Frank Beamer paid the WDBJ7 studios a visit Tuesday to appear on the 7am newscast on WZBJ24.

Beamer, who was donning his new College Football Hall of Fame ring, was ready to talk about all things football.

Coach Beamer said he never expected to be join college royalty, especially after having a few rocky years at the beginning of his tenure at Virginia Tech.

“Anyone who is 2-8-1 in their 6th year at Virginia Tech, and then to go into the Hall of Fame 29 years, or stayed there a total of 29 years, yea that probably won’t happen again,” Beamer said.

He turned those tough years around, however, putting the Hokies on the national map and beginning what has now become college football’s longest active bowl streak.

This year’s Hokie squad extended that streak, after winning must-wins against rival UVA and Marshall.

“I thought they just showed a lot of heart throughout, and when they had to play, they played, and I think all Hokies can be proud of them.”

The Hokies play the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Military Bowl on December 31st.

But the Hokies won’t be the only team Beamer will be watching. His son, Shane, and the Oklahoma Sooners will be playing for the national championship. They’ll face off against top-ranked Alabama in the first round of the playoffs.

“You know I’m just very proud of him,” Beamer said of his son. “He works hard, very organized. I think he’s a really, really good coach.”

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