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Guerin-teed it was quite a week: Sooners and Buckeyes and rankings oh my! | OU Sports Extra

My beautiful 3-year-old niece visited for Thanksgiving last week. The Oklahoma-West Virginia game came on before her bedtime. I was a little worried about that, football having violent tendencies and all, but the Sooners and Mountaineers played so nice that I didn’t have to explain anything. In fact, Charlotte thought those football guys were very polite to each other.

See? All wasn’t lost last Friday night in Morgantown.

What else can I tell ya…

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This made me laugh

Reports connected Mack Brown to the North Carolina vacancy and Jim Leavitt to the one at Texas Tech on Sunday, one week after Kansas introduced Les Miles as head coach.

In related news… Lloyd Carr will be a player for the Central Michigan job, Mike Bellotti is the leading candidate for the next Pac-12 opening, Tom Osborne is willing to give that pipsqueak Scott Frost just one more year before he resumes command at Nebraska, and the next SEC athletic director who needs a coach is expected to decide between Phil Fulmer, Houston Nutt and Jim Donnan.

Unless that AD is Arkansas’ Hunter Yurachek. Watch for Lou Holtz to emerge if Yurachek decides to move on Chad Morris.

This made me think

Ohio State fly-swatted Michigan Saturday. It was quite a show, enough for observers to promote the vaulting of the No. 10 Buckeyes past No. 6 Oklahoma in the next College Football Playoff rankings.

1 – Ohio State’s offensive explosion was the main rationale.

You can justify a team surpassing the Sooners because of defense. That hits them where they are most vulnerable. But offense? Come on.

The Buckeyes beat Michigan 37-0 instead of 62-39? You have my full attention. That’s balanced football the Sooners can’t possibly play.

But nobody was buzzing about the Bucks’ defense all weekend, just Dwayne Haskins and that offense. It was understandable. They looked artistic.

It’s just that the Sooners are artistic. They show it week after week. And that leads me to…

2 – If you are using one command performance to reward Ohio State, you haven’t been paying attention to CFP committee chairman Rob Mullens.

Mullens referenced a team’s “resume” or “body of work” eight times during his media teleconference after the most recent standings reveal last Tuesday. The week before that it was seven times. Nov. 6 it was five times. Oct. 30, after the first standings reveal, it was nine times.

Assuming Mullens is serious and not just spouting terms that flatter the process, he and his fellow committee members can’t judge Ohio State solely off what it did to Michigan. The Buckeyes’ November struggles against Maryland and Nebraska count, too. So does the Bucks’ 49-20 loss at Purdue Oct. 20.

OU has some resume stains as well. The Sooners can’t fix what happened against Texas, or how chaotic they looked in winning all four of their November games.

Still, the committee thought enough of the Sooners to rank them three spots ahead of Ohio State in the initial standings, four spots ahead of the Buckeyes Nov. 6, four spots ahead Nov. 13 and four spots again last Tuesday.

And now that committee is going to launch the Buckeyes five spots, past OU, based on one result?

It could happen, I guess, but only if Mullens hasn’t been paying attention to himself.

This made me cry

Watching Oklahoma State’s wretched first half of offense at TCU on Saturday night, wondering what one handoff to Justice Hill might do to change everything if only he was in Fort Worth.

Then considering the possibility that the next time we see someone hand it off to Hill, it will be in the NFL.

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