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Football: The hate between Oklahoma and Texas is as intense as it’s been in years

Hello once again, my good people!

The Oklahoma Sooners are an average defense away from becoming a dynasty, because the offensive side of the ball is in great shape with Lincoln Riley at the helm. Year after year, OU is resetting records and evolving the game in all kinds of ways. Riley deserves much of the credit, but another reason why he’s been able to accomplish this is because of the elite talent he’s had to work with. This year, Kyler Murray is that game-changing catalyst.

Now this is weird, because I don’t see Tua Tagovailoa’s name anywhere on the top five shown above. I thought he was supposed to be better than Murray, or at least, that’s what I’ve been hearing from die-hard ‘Bama thumpers. By these metrics, Murray’s clearly the man, and it should be no surprise. Sooner Nation has known this all along.

What’s also interesting about this nugget from the good people at Pro Football Focus is that Murray is the only quarterback on the list. Sure, including all positions is going to mean most aren’t represented, but in a year with players like the aforementioned Tagovailoa, Will Grier, Gardner Minshew, McKenzie Milton and Dwayne Haskins, that’s an incredible group to be ahead of.

Now onto today’s Hot Links! 2018’s Tua vs. Kyler is about as good as ‘05’s Reggie vs. Vince, Baker Mayfield has no regrets about his Hue Jackson comments, Mike Leach could be teaching a course at WSU and more!

  • You want a rundown of all the tasty OU-Texas hate we’ve experienced this week? Well check this rundown from Jake Trotter. Kyler and Lincoln’s Monday press conference answers kicked things off, followed by some less-than-clever responses from down south. Then there’s this whole ‘horns down’ bullcrap, from the Big 12, and really just so much more.
  • I’m always here for combining my two greatest interests in this life: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Oklahoma football. Very well done, OU Daily.
  • After all the talk this week about hand gestures and penalties, Lincoln Riley said the coaches have instructed the team to simply not go there when the Sooners take on the Texas Longhorns. With the subjective nature surrounding the enforcement of the penalty, Riley believes it’s best to not even test it. Congrats, Big 12, you freaking win. You happy now?
  • I love this, and I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from officials reffing an Oklahoma game, even in 1905. Check out the thread. The best part is how fans rushed the field to prevent the continuation of play. Old-timey football seems fun. NOTE: Click on the tweet to view the individual windows.
  • Kyler Murray is going to New York next week, no doubt. Will he win the Heisman? That’s still in question, but it could be argued that this year’s race for the most prestigious individual award in the sport is the best since 2005, when Reggie Bush took home the hardware over Vince Young.
  • Murray was named a finalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award. His chances are as good as anybody’s to win it, considering he’s playing like the player of the year.
  • This is indeed quite the trend. So who’s it going to be in 2019? CeeDee Lamb? Kennedy Brooks? Creed Humphrey? C’mon, if there’s anybody who can make a center the star of the show, it’s Lincoln Riley.
  • It looks like Oklahoma is rolling with the Roughrider alternate uniforms against Texas this Saturday in the Big 12 Championship Game. I know not everybody is a fan of these alternates, but going white on white on white would actually be pretty sweet. I mean, it’s been done before, and back then it looked nice.
  • Congratulations to Baker Mayfield for just being named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Month! Since the Hue Jackson firing, he’s been lighting up the league with extreme efficiency.
  • Speaking of Mayfield, he’s been in the news recently for comments he made on how his former head coach in Cleveland accepted a job with divisional rival Cincinnati. He was asked if he had any regrets about what he said.
  • Russell Westbrook is now tied with Jason Kidd for third-most triple-doubles logged in a career with 107. Check out his insane line from last night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 19 boards? That’s big time stuff. Way to go, Russ!

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