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College Sports: This is the path to Oklahoma being left out of the College Football Playoff

Kevin Sherrington, sports columnist for and The Dallas Morning News, answered your questions about the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks and local college sports in a live chat recently. Here are some highlights. 

Was the hiring of Mack Brown a smart move by UNC? Seems to me a case of trying to recapture a good era.

Sherrington: Seems that way to me, too. Mack left UNC because it was a basketball school, and that hasn’t changed. He’s also 67 now, and it wasn’t going great his last few years at Texas. Having said all that, he’s a master CEO. He’s already got Tim Brewster to leave A&M to go with him to UNC, and that’s a coup. Mack handles the organization and recruiting very well. He’s always depended on good coordinators. If he can assemble a good young staff, then they’ll be very competitive, which is all they need to be. But the rumors of Kliff Kingsbury going to UNC as his OC? C’mon, man. He can have any job he wants. I’m not sure why Gene Chizik would want to be his DC, either. Pretty good gig on TV. Mack may come to realize that, too. But I wish him the best. He’s a good man and a good coach. Always a pleasure dealing with him.

If Georgia plays Alabama very close, let’s say a last minute field goal or something wins it for Alabama, shouldn’t they advance instead of Oklahoma or OSU?

Sherrington: I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Georgia gets in ahead of Ohio State and Oklahoma. I think the committee would prefer either of them over Oklahoma. The members are pretty much on record saying OU’s defense won’t do. I think they believe Ohio State has the best chance to beat Alabama in a championship game. That may be. Under Urban Meyer, the Buckeyes generally have as much or more talent than anyone. Also some of the biggest underachievers, with this year the perfect example. And by the way, if it ends up two SEC teams, the ACC and an independent, you’ll see an expanded playoff sooner than later.

How dumb is it that the ADs of both Oklahoma and Ohio State are on the selection committee? 

Sherrington: Listen, I know Joe Castiglione, the OU AD, pretty well, and he’s one of my favorite people in college athletics. Great guy. Lot of integrity. But your point is well taken. I’m not sure the committee approach is the way to go. Our Tim Cowlishaw has said we should just go with conference champs of the power five and the highest ranked at large team, maybe based on the computers. You’d get a lot of complaints from the SEC crowd. But maybe it leads to another round of realignment. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the better teams sprinkled in other leagues. The Big 12 could use one or two.

Does Kyler Murray deserve to win the Heisman trophy over Tua?

Sherrington: As a Heisman voter, I’m not allowed to reveal my vote. But I think voters will be impressed by the fact that Kyler has put up numbers both running and throwing in the nation’s most prolific offense. And he plays all the time, unlike Tua.

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