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College Sports: Joel Klatt: Of remaining CFP contenders, Oklahoma one of two teams that could challenge Alabama

Fox Sports commentator and former college football quarterback Joel Klatt joined BaD Radio recently on The Ticket 96.7 FM / 1310 AM to talk college football. Here are some highlights: 

On if there is some clarity in the postseason race heading into Week 9: 

Klatt: “I think we’re getting to that point. We’ve got eight, nine teams that have a legitimate shot to either get themselves back into that race, or in the race. Obviously the three undefeated teams control their own fate. I would then argue, the next two teams who control their own fate for that fourth spot are Michigan or Oklahoma. People will then say ‘what do you mean?’ Texas is in control of the Big 12. Yes, they are in control of the Big 12, but Oklahoma is also in control of the Big 12, if they win out they’re going to be Big 12 champions, with a win over Texas in a rematch, and their one loss would be against Texas not Maryland, which i think makes them much more attractive to the playoff committee than a Texas Big 12 champion.” 

On Texas’ chances to make the College Football Playoff: 

Klatt: “I think it’s just tougher, because if you start comparing, let’s say it’s a one-loss comparison between Texas and Michigan, Texas loses that one. Let’s say it’s a one-loss comparison between Texas and Georgia. Well, Texas is going to lose that one. Let’s say for whatever reason it’s a one loss conversation between LSU or Alabama. I think Texas loses all of those. So you start going through, in which of the one loss arguments would Texas lose, and what you get to, is I think they desperately need Clemson to lose a game. Until one of those lose, I think Texas will have a hard time getting into the College Football Playoff. Thinking about that, I think Texas would probably have the upper hand if it was Texas with one loss and Ohio State with one loss.” 

On who among the teams fighting for the final playoff spot has the best chance of beating Alabama:

Klatt: “I think there’s only two. I used to think Ohio State was in that mix, but I don’t anymore. Not with he way they are so poor at running the football. The only two are Clemson because of their overall roster. And then Oklahoma. Here’s the deal: do you think Oklahoma would bat one single eye if they got into a big ole shootout with Alabama? They’re in a shootout all the time. So that’s why I say OU. They got a quarterback that can stand there confidently and play against any defense in the country, and they’re probably going to score 40 or 45 against anybody, so at that point it’s like ‘bring on whoever.’ Tell us they’re going to score 50, we’re going to score 52. So that’s one of the only reasons why I think OU is uniquely situated to potentially compete with Bama.”

On Texas being on upset watch this weekend at Oklahoma State: 

Klatt: Texas better be careful this weekend. It’s still Mike Gundy, it’s still Oklahoma State. It’s still on the road, and you’re looking at a team that when they play unranked opponents, all year, every single unranked opponent all year they’ve have been within a score, that could be dangerous. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

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